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Project Seven:

A Locost Seven Build

The Current State of the Project:  Having Fun!

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6/1/08 (ITB Civic, Videos)

12/27/07 (Development, Videos, Locost Gallery, Other Stuff)

9/23/07 (Development, Other Stuff, Videos)

8/9/07 (Development, Videos)

7/9/07 (Gallery, Videos, Development)

Welcome to Project Seven:

   This site documents the build of a Lotus 7 replica that started out it's life as a early CMC basic kit, along with some of my other interests as well.  The build of the car is "finished" as of March 2007.  Now the development of the car begins where I will document all the adjustments and changes made to the car to make it a solid performer.  Any trials and tribulations will be documented as well, but hopefully there won't be too many of those to talk about.  This site represents my contribution to the Locost community, a community that is filled with good people that are always willing to share their ideas and expertise.  It is what I can to to give back to them.

Happy Building!



Questions/Comments - Contact me at:  supratt at cox dot net