RC Electric Offshore Boat

This should be a fun project.  I have been itching for something to play with in the water when I visit my folks at the lake.  I bought this RC boat back in the mid-90s.  It is a reasonable replica of a 38' Scarab.  It looks pretty scale in the water but is kind of slow.  Motor and battery technology has come a long way since this thing was new as well as drive technology.  I am going to give this thing a makeover with all new guts.  Here is the boat as it was done around 1994.  It has been sitting on my shelf for years.

DSCN3370.JPG (69481 bytes)  DSCN3371.JPG (67695 bytes)  DSCN3372.JPG (78893 bytes)  DSCN3369.JPG (67904 bytes)  DSCN3375.JPG (56194 bytes)